I think Drayton Dunwody Is One of the Nicest, Most Accommodating Taxi Owners I Have Ever Met!

I have a really special report for you today—or at least the beginnings of a report. I’m going to tell you about a taxi company owner who really cares about you and wants to help you, and will go far out of his way to do that.

His name is Drayton Dunwody, and he is the owner of both Evergreen Taxi Services and Lakewood Taxi Services.

These two companies have only recently been established, and they came to my attention recently when I was up at my summer house in Evergreen. One morning I discovered that my car wouldn’t start. This was terrible, an absolute calamity, because my husband Charlie wasn’t there. Neither was my son Tim.

Usually with either one of those two around a car problem is sure to be quickly solved, because they are both very gifted mechanics who can fix virtually any mechanical problem with effortless ease.

Unfortunately, however, I do not have their gift. When a car breaks down on me, all I can do is kick the tires and get very hot under the collar.


Charlie was due to come back late that afternoon, so I didn’t want to call a mechanic and have him come out and take a look at the car. The bill for something like that, I knew, could easily run into several hundred dollars, and Charlie would never forgive me for incurring such an expense for a repair that he could probably have made for $5 or so.

So I pulled out my smartphone and did a search for Evergreen Taxi, worrying as I did that I would find no taxi companies in Evergreen, because as you all know just a few months ago Mountain Taxi went out of business, and they were the only ones who reliably serviced Evergreen.

But to my great surprise, the search turned up a brand new company which I had never heard of before: Evergreen Taxi Services.

I called them up immediately, and was answered by the nicest, most polite taxi dispatcher that I think I had ever heard. It turned out to be none other than Drayton Dunwody, and the story of how he came racing out to my place to get me to my appointment in downtown Denver is going to warm your heart.

I’ll give you all the details of that story tomorrow.

Aren’t I clever? In order to hear that story, you’re going to have to visit my blog again.

I’ll see you tomorrow!